Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable in-home pet care for US Service Members and DoD employees residing on military installations.

Who are we?

We are a diverse team of military spouses, across all ranks who are transforming our passion for animals into opportunities for other spouses. We believe in providing transferable work experience, skills, and continued employment opportunities across multiple military installations in support of military spouses. We are committed to helping the military community, spouses in particular, flourish in a challenging lifestyle.


Not only do we provide employment opportunities and added income to military families we support military installations, units, and individual service members. Our team provides peace of mind for pet owners and their families during emergency and standard leave and pass, training exercises, and garrison duty days. 


Our focus on the individuals who make up our Care Teams transcends a normal business. We strive to develop long-term friendships and mentorship that complements and serves as an alternative to traditional Family Readiness Groups in onboarding new military spouses and providing counsel and assistance for new and experienced spouses alike.


United Paw Force pet sitting services are only provided in our client's home/quarters.  Our service provides an in-home alternative, in compliance with all post policies by coming to you and your fur babies!


Pet Care Services are booked by customizable individual visits with costs to best suit our client pet(s) needs. This provides client's, the ability to book rounds for your pet(s) with ease and makes billing more concise and clearer.  Clients only pay for the services booked and used with no minimum limit or cancelation fees. Invoices are sent upon completion of services. Invoices are available in app and website for review and payment options.