Price List

Each day is billed itself

Rounds are:

Breakfast 0600 – 0900

Lunch 1130 – 1330

Dinner 1630 – 1830

Nighttime Rounds 2030 – 2300

Rounds are completed between these time frames depending how many
dogs we are caring for may reflect what time we get to your home.

This is a special rate for the military and civilian workforce on post.

Additional Service Options:

  • $1-day poo pick up added option with pet services

  • Full backyard clean-up One-time service option (not with pet sitting services) Price Quoted by Manager.

  • $5 & up Litter Box(s) Clean -One-time service option (not with pet sitting services)        


Services that are included in daily care with no extra charges:

  • Mail pickup – Any packages delivered will be brought inside the home and secured.

  • Mail pickup from mailbox, if applicable

  • Watering Plants

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